Housing: What’s Up Next

Phase 2: Room Selection will begin on Thursday, March 30th. It is during this time that students will access the housing inventory and actually pick their Fall 2017 spaces. Unlike the Spring semester and many of the processes at the global sites, for Fall in New York students pick their own spaces rather than get assigned by a housing representative.

Students will be assigned a Selection Time, determined by randomized sorting within priority categories, that will give the specific date and time that they can access the housing inventory and complete the Phase 2: Room Selection process.

Students will also have the opportunity to access Room Preview from Friday, March 24th – Wednesday, March 29th (dates subject to change) that will allow you to “preview” the room selection process. During this time you will be able to see what the housing inventory and selection process will look like prior to you actually having to select your spaces. We highly encourage students to take advantage of Room Preview.

In order to guarantee housing in New York, students MUST select a space during Phase 2 once their selection time becomes available. Therefore it is very important that you carefully read the Phase 2 Room Selection Process info and Phase 2 FAQs on the blog prior to March 30th.

As always, if you have questions please contact Hasanthi Piyasena (hp686@nyu.edu).


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