Room Preview and Phase 2 “How To” Video

Room Preview will be available March 24-March 29 through the housing portal. Log in and access the Academic Year 2017-2018 application, as you did for Phase 1. You will now see an additional step for Preview of Room Selection. You should navigate to this step and go through the motions of what selection will look like once Phase 2 starts after March 30th.

We also encourage everyone to please watch the below video that goes through, step-by-step, what the selection process will look like so you are familiar with the process. Please note this video is from last year, but still shows the relevant steps. You will be able to select specific buildings, see the floors that have openings, select the rooms, and then the actual beds. When looking at the floors within a building, you will notice that each room will have either a D, F, M, or N designation after the room number. This refers to the gender assignment for the room. Rooms labeled D are Dynamic and are open for anyone to select. Rooms with either F, M, or N have at least one individual with that gender assignment already selected into that space. Please note that you can only select into a space that is either D or one that has the same gender assignment as yourself.

If you need to check your selection time, please read this post for how to find that information.

Please also remember that you will be choosing your specific room for the entire Academic Year. Students that are NOT staying in New York for Spring 2018 will receive instructions in early November for how to cancel their NY housing for the spring. Students continuing for Spring 2018 will stay in their selected spaces. There will be a process for new, incoming spring students to preference an opening in a room, but placements are not guaranteed and further information on this process will be available in November.



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