Selection Time Notifications

Everyone will receive an email from the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services with their specific selection time for the Phase 2: Selection housing process. Please note that Phase 2 starts on March 30th but not all students will start that early. You can check here to get a better understanding of how the selection times are spread out throughout the process. (psst. priority group 1 doesn’t actually start until April 3rd, so don’t panic)

Also, if you miss the email for any reason and still don’t know where to find your selection time, log into the housing portal, click on the Access Application button for the Academic Year 2017-2018 application. Once in the application, you will see the Application and Payment Status in the top right corner. That is where you should click to see your selection time.

Please remember that selection times are in Eastern Standard Time (New York) so keep that in mind when looking at your times. Also remember to try and select with your other group members in the room in case your top choices are not available and again have lots of back up choices in mind.

As always contact Hasanthi ( of you have questions related to the housing process.


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