Registration will occur the week of April 24.  Your registration time is available in the Student Center of Albert and is set for Eastern Standard Time.  Please understand that some courses will not open to you until later in the registration period.  Please also refer to our Academics FAQs.  We also ask you to note that:

  • The majority of courses in the Stern School of Business will open to you either Friday, April 28th, or Monday, May 1st.  Please refer to this Fall 2017 – Open Access List to know when a course you may wish to take will become available.  We strongly recommend that you set up an edit swap for those courses to have the best chance of enrolling.  Students are not permitted to audit Stern courses or to take graduate-level Stern courses.
  • Advanced Honors Seminars in the College of Arts and Science are open to all students starting Friday, April 28th.
  • Some biology courses in the College of Arts and Science will not be available to study away students until one week after the start of registration.  Please refer to the notes section of the course description of Albert to check when courses will open to you.

For other courses in NYU’s undergraduate schools and programs, please remember to validate your courses to determine whether you are eligible to take a course.


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