Traveling to New York as an F-1 Visa Student

If you are traveling to NY as an F-1 student, please remember to travel with these items.

If you forget to bring your I-20, do not panic.  Rather, refer to this website with next steps for what to do.


Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions in Shanghai for Sophomores and Juniors

To help sophomores and juniors prepare for their time abroad in the fall 2017, students are required to attend a Pre-Departure Orientation hosted by the NYU Shanghai Office of Global Affairs and Office of Student Life. Students have received a separate email invitation for their designated Pre-Departure Orientation session. Please refer to the Global Week Schedule for the date and time of the session for your specific site.

Welcome to New York

Leading up to the fall 2017 term, each week there will be new posts about everything from visas to registration to packing tips (and everything in between). Make sure to read all the posts to stay on top of your requirements and use this blog as your main point of reference throughout your pre-departure steps.

Let us know if you have any questions and congratulations again on your admission to NYU New York fall 2017!