Program Calendar

Program Dates:  August 30 – December 22

Students should plan to arrive and check in to on-campus housing on August 30.  If you wish to arrive to New York early, you may check in to housing as early as August 27 at 10AM.  If you arrive before that time, you must find your own housing accommodations.

Participation in on-site orientation, all classes, and program activities are mandatory. Details will be announced closer to the start of the fall semester.

Please do not plan any personal trips within the program dates until after arriving and confirming requirements detailed in your course syllabi.

Additionally, housing is only available for the program dates.  If you plan to arrive early or depart later, you are responsible for your own accommodations.  Students must check out of housing no later than 10AM on December 22.

The full program calendar can be viewed here for your continued reference.

Important Program Dates

Move In: Wednesday, August 30 after 10AM

Orientation: Thursday, August 31 and Friday, September 1 (Please hold 9AM – 5PM on both days)

Labor Day: Monday, September 4

First Day of Classes: Tuesday, September 5

Fall Break: Monday, October 9

Reading Days: Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 17

Final Exams: Monday, December 18 – Friday, December 22

Final Day to be in Housing: Friday, December 22 at 10AM